Website Audit

A website audit is the best and most reliable way to measure the under-the-hood health of your website. Your website is your shop window to the world, so you want to be sure it runs as fast and reliably as possible. Website audits will pick up any opportunities to help your site run faster, smoother and be more reliable for your visitors. It will also detect any issues that would negatively impact your SEO, rankings or might prevent the site being fully indexed and ranked.

Our website audits test a broad spectrum of factors used by search engines including the analysis of internal links, identification of any broken links, missing files and how well optimized and secured your website is. We also check the validity of the HTML and CSS. A website audit will give your website a clean bill of health and peace of mind that there are no hidden factors holding you back.

What we offer is a service where we analyse your site and rank its performance based upon several key areas, these include:

  • Search engine visibility
  • Security best practice
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Speed
  • + many more

We offer two packages, one is a baseline audit, the other is a more comprehensive full site audit. From these reports, you can then engage us to perform additional remedial work to fix any issues identified.

This feature can be purchased using the following link