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Directory Submissions

Backlinks still provide the main backbone of your online visibility and credibility.  A link to your website which comes from another site is generally called a backlink. Search engines including Google count each of these as a ‘vote of confidence’ for your website, with better quality links from higher quality, relevant websites often doing more to boost your search rankings that others.

All search engines, including Google, now place greater emphasis on the relevance and usefulness of these links and when we create new backlinks for you, we only source the better-quality ones with a high PageRank. This is a very reliable metric to assess how beneficial a link from another site might be for your website’s rankings and traffic. We always advise clients that a smaller number of good quality link is always better and healthier for your SEO than a high number of very poor ones.

Our standard directory submission creation process provides ten quality backlinks to your website.

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