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We will build your landing page against your brief – included in this package are the following simplepage.com services:

  • Micrographics
  • Content optimisation


A landing page serves as an optimised entry point for your website that will help maximise the benefit of other marketing activities. If you have a highly-targeted landing page for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you will ensure the highest quality score and lowest cost per click possible. The landing pages we offer are visually engaging and designed to ensure optimum conversion rate from the traffic delivered to the page.

Creating a landing page upon your website is typically used to target specific users or products you wish to market. It’s not a simple case of adding a new page, throwing some content on and hoping for the best. There are many considerations to consider ensuring you maximise your PPC spend when converting traffic. Features you simply cannot ignore if you want to make the maximum return on your pay-per-click campaigns include:

  • Keep your PPC landing page relevant to keywords you are bidding upon
  • Write for your target personas – you do know what these are don’t you?
  • Develop a killer headline – one that engages your targeted persona
  • Hand pick imagery that will connect with your personas – our Micrographics service is invaluable here
  • Position your PPC landing page elements to convert effectively
  • Drive the content with your PPC keywords – make sure your visitors are landing upon a page which is relevant
  • Use trust signals to put the user at ease – testimonials, accreditations, reviews etc.
  • Take your best social proofs and spread them wisely i.e. social shares, case studies, reviews
  • Chose a landing page length that suits what you want to achieve
  • Spend time developing bulletproof call to actions
  • Optimise your PPC landing page for mobile devices – with over 60% of typical web traffic now upon mobile device, this is crucial
  • Work towards a 3 second or less page speed
  • Follow the rule of one, offer no distractions so no menus, links that take the user away from where you really want them to go etc.
  • Use analytics to support for all strategic decisions – don’t just rely upon a hunch, back it up with facts
  • Test, test, and test all elements

As you can see above, this is quite an involved process but to do it properly, you need to take all of this into account. Let us take away that stress and work with you to develop your landing pages.

Our landing pages include content, imagery and language that is directly targeted at the specific visitors your campaign is aimed at. We will always encourage our clients to include ‘trust signals’ within the landing page; minor visual cues that help establish credibility such as testimonials, industry accreditations, case studies, reviews and / or other elements that will directly influence the likelihood of making the conversion.

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