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Content Optimisation

This is the bread and butter of your digital marketing and should seamlessly marry into all other online activities you do. Content optimisation is the process of reviewing your website’s text content, making careful tweaks and subtle rewrites to ensure the ideal keyword densities are maintained.

Doing this places the greatest emphasis on the most important words and phrases you would like the page (and your website) to be found for and ensures the best visibility for these search terms. It also means you enjoy maximum benefit of any other online marketing activities which will further build on this.

When we optimise your content for organic search engines, we will also either consult with yourself should you have search phrases in mind, or can research our own. In either case, we carry out keyword research (test the levels of monthly search and searcher’s habits) against the level of competitiveness of search page to arrive at a target set of phrases likely to be most beneficial to optimise for.

This package works very well in conjunction with the Keyword Rankings package so you can see the results of your optimisation over several months.

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